Victoria regains Miss Galaxy crown

Victoria  Strelciunaite at the Miss Galxy Universe competition
Victoria Strelciunaite at the Miss Galxy Universe competition

A Horsham woman has regained her crown in an all-female fitness and beauty pageant competition held at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley on Saturday May 21.

Victoria Strelciunaite successfully became the overall Supreme Champion for the second time in the Miss Galaxy Universe British Championships.

Lithuanian-born Victoria said: “Winning Supreme Champion title for the second time was a feeling beyond belief.

“I feel very lucky to be able to compete in fitness contests. Not only does it gives me great satisfaction being on stage but also opens doors to many opportunities: photo-shoots, interviews and travel.”

Victoria, who first won the show in 2015, also took home the title in the beach body category in this year’s contest.

The beach body class, which Victoria usually competes in, doesn’t require a very lean body but curves and definition in the abdominal area are key. Personality and presentation on stage is also very important.

She added: “Competing fits well with my work. Being a personal trainer, I want to inspire my clients and show that healthy living isn’t that difficult. You can diet, exercise and enjoy an occasional treat and be healthy.”

All winners are chosen based on a combination scores taken from fitness tests, physique and ability to demonstrate glamour, femininity and posing in bikini and the evening wear rounds.

Participants have to have a great strength and endurance in fitness tests. Posing, choice in bikini and dress will also determine scoring.

Victoria has been preparing for the show since November 2015. To retain the title she had to be stronger, fitter and more confident.

Victoria said: “Miss Galaxy Universe organisers always keeps us on our toes. Fitness tests often are different then from previous show.

“This time we had to do pull ups, one minute squats, one minute bench presses, three minute combinations of press ups, squat thrusts and sit ups.

“Also we had to challenge ourselves on a CYBEX Sparc - it is a very mean high-intensity training machine,” she continued.

“Preparing for the competitions keeps me on track. Also it makes me creative. I do like to personalise my bikinis and dresses, I found it very therapeutic. I can not imagine a better hobby.”

Victoria’s next show is in July 2016 at the O2 arena.