UPDATE: Southern Rail fare increases anger commuters

Rail news.
Rail news.

Rail commuters travelling with Southern Rail will be hit with an average ticket rise of 4.2 per cent from this week.

Average increases were capped at that level by central Government for season tickets and other fares.

Some prices will fall, others will be frozen, while passengers will be able to use a ten per cent discount on off-peak and super off-peak fares booked online.

The kids for a quid offer introduced in 2002, where children can accompany adults in the off-peak for just £1, continues.

Alex Foulds, Southern’s development director, said: “Yet again, we continue to offer fantastic value for our off-peak customers from January with some excellent online discounts with prices that are cheaper than this year [2012].

“There is also good news for many of our season ticket holders with many rising by less than the Government cap and some even falling.”

A yearly season ticket for commuters from Horsham to London has increased to £4,464, a rise that is deemed ‘unjustified’ by one reader.

If you are affected by the increases, and would like to appear in next week’s County Times as a case study, email joshua.powling@sussexnewspapers.co.uk or call 01403 751230.

For more information visit www.southernrailway.com