UPDATE: Pulborough bomb scare causes ‘excitement’ in village

Pulborough bomb scare picture by Laurence Wilson
Pulborough bomb scare picture by Laurence Wilson

Workers and traders from business in Pulborough have described their ‘excitement’ after a bomb scare this morning (Monday April 27).

Police were called to reports of an unexploded bomb at the industrial estate off Station Approach at around 9.20am.

Officers said a man working on the site had been handed an unexploded mortar which had been dug up by workman at a nearby building site.

The road leading to the estate was closed for up to an hour whilst officers and a bomb disposal unit dealt with the situation.

After being assessed by the unit the bomb was found to be dead.

Workers from businesses in the industrial estate were told to stay in their shops whilst the investigation was carried out and found the experience rather exciting.

Clair Murphy, who works at Quantum Racing Service, said: “It is the most exciting thing that has happened here for a while.

“They closed the road but we had to stay in the building, we weren’t allowed out.

“They were here for half an hour to 45 minutes.

“We weren’t afraid because we thought around her you are not expecting anyone to have a bomb, we thought it was more likely it was just a scare.”

Her colleague Laurence Wilson added: “We wondering around out there as we didn’t realise what it was. Then we were told to get inside.

“I thought it was down the road not right opposite us.

“As soon as they (the bomb disposal unit) looked at it they were able to establish it was safe.”

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “Police received a call that a man working on the Station Approach industrial estate in Pulborough had been handed an unexploded mortar at 9.20am on Monday (27 April).

“It is believed it has been dug up by a workman on a nearby building site. The bomb disposal unit attended the scene to establish whether it is live but it was pronounced dead. They have taken it away.”

The road has now been re-opened and the traders are now open again for business.

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