UPDATE: Man airlifted after lampost collision

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A man has been airlifted to hospital following a collision involving a car and a lampost on Albion Way in Horsham this evening (Thursday May 31).

Sussex Air Ambulance landed on the Bishopric crossroads after the incident which took place around 5pm. Emergency services including an unmarked police car were also in attendance.

More than 100 people swarmed to the scene, which had fallen eerily silent as paramedics battled to get the 31-year-old driver out of the car.

Cliff Comber, who was one of the first on scene, said the man’s head appeared to be bleeding.

He said: “I was around the corner when I heard this almighty crash.

“I came around and saw that a car had hit a lampost and people getting out their cars immediently to help him. By the time I got my phone out someone else had already called emergency services.

“They laid the driver across the seat, held his head and didn’t move him. I don’t know if he was conscious or not, but his head was bleeding.”

Terrence Bently, a bystander, 64, added: “I was having a cup of tea and I heard the helicopter come down because it was so noisy. I think it’s fantastic they have been able to land in such a small space. It’s really given me more confidence in the human race - what they would do to save someone’s life is amazing.”

Crew from South East Coast Ambulance and Sussex Air Ambulance carefully moved the man onto a stretcher from the car, removing most of his clothes.

The driver was airlifted to King’s College Hospital in London with head injuries around 6.30pm.

Police closed Albion Way and congestion has been reported around Horsham town centre. The road is due to re-open shortly.