UPDATE: Amber warning of 60mph gusting winds for West Sussex

Stormy weather.
Stormy weather.

An amber warning has been issued for strong gusting winds across West Sussex during Monday (October 28).

The Met Office has issued the warning (one below the highest red warning) as it is forecasting winds of up to 60mph.

Saturday is due to have showers, blown across by gusts of up to 35mph.

Sunday is set to be even worse with some heavy showers, possibly thundery, and intermittent gusts of up to 50mph towards the evening.

The current forecast is that the worst of the weather, though, will be overnight Sunday and early morning on Monday as heavy rain hits the area and the gusts get up to 60mph.

West Sussex County Council‘s emergency management team has advised that wind gust speeds will be widely around 50-60mph but in some locations, especially along the coast, could be as high as 70-80mph or more.

They have warned of possible damage to trees, property and a risk from flying debris.

Drivers are advised that there could be areas of locally heavy rain and a risk of surface water flooding.

However, for those travelling down to the coast or living in coastal town, tides are low for Monday so the risk of coastal flooding is very low.