Two challenges for cancer charity

James Treherne plans to complete 10 Relays For Life 2014, with the Horsham Relay being his 'second leg'
James Treherne plans to complete 10 Relays For Life 2014, with the Horsham Relay being his 'second leg'

Barry Dance and James Treherne are committed to raising as much cash as possible to help eliminate Cancer - in two very different but very challenging ways.

Barry Dance will cycle on a spin bike for 24 hours over the duration of Cancer Research UK Relay For Life, Horsham on the weekend of 24th and 25th May 2014, whilst James Treherne has plans to complete 10 Relays For Life in 2014, taking on the Horsham Relay as his ‘second leg’.

Barry Dance will do a 24-hour cycle on a spin bike for Cancer Research UK in May

Barry Dance will do a 24-hour cycle on a spin bike for Cancer Research UK in May

Relay For Life, Horsham held at Horsham Rugby Club, is an overnight family event that brings everyone in the community together to show that united we are stronger than cancer. During Relay there is a celebration of cancer survivors, a chance to remember those lost and an opportunity to fight back by raising vital funds to help beat cancer sooner. This year a whole host of team members will be taking it in turns to walk around the track over a 24 hour period; with the exception of two rather different participants, Barry Dance and James Treherne, both of whom will be going solo in two rather unique ways.

Barry Dance who led team Walking Mercerettes in last year’s fundraiser is planning to Relay on wheels this year. With the support of the DC Leisure’s Horsham Pavilions, Barry will cycle on a spin bike for 24 hours over the duration of Relay. A spin bike will be specially brought to the rugby club and Barry will spin alone but will be allowed a five minute break per hour as per endurance rules. In preparation he is attending up to five spin classes a week and has already started calculating how far he thinks he will be spinning: “I think its somewhere between 10-12½ miles per hour but it’s a tough one to call.

“I am going to bank my break allowance into 15 minute slots so I will cycle or ‘spin’ for three hours before a short break. Part of the competition on the day and part of my fundraising strategy is for people to guess how many miles I will be cycling, so please look out for the Cancer Research UK bucket in front of the bike over the weekend”

Cancer Research UK is very close to Barry’s heart, he lost his Dad to cancer and his Mum is a double breast cancer survivor, “I’ve lost members of my family to cancer and have survivors in my family so it’s a very personal story but I know it’s not a unique one. That’s what makes it such a worthwhile cause; cancer has affected most people at some point in their lives. I don’t think my Mum would be here today if it wasn’t for the research and improvements in medicine” said Barry.

James Treherne is another fundraising stalwart on a Relay mission. James explains his challenge “My Relay plans are to complete 10 relays in 2014 running and walking pretty much the whole 24 hour event with a couple of stops for opening and closing ceremonies as well as the candle of hope ceremony.” James will be covering a minimum of 1,000 kilometres (625 miles) as a solo walker and will be aiming to raise around £1,000 for Cancer Research UK, he will start at the Aston Relay For Life on 5th April before joining the Horsham one on 24th May then continuing on to complete eight more Relays thereafter, finishing in September at Worcester Relay For Life.

James is an experienced Relay For Life fundraiser, “Last year at Aylesbury (Relay For Life) I set a new personal best of 60 miles then proceeded to beat that at Ascot with 70 miles. I am grateful to have such an awesome team to help and push me on. So in 2014 I am planning to cover the remaining 631 miles to bring me to 1000 miles completed at various events. I am a frequent runner and enjoy the challenge of pushing myself. But no matter how much I push myself and how long the aches and pains last, it will never compare to what cancer sufferers and survivors will and have gone through which is the motivation to keep me charging on at the silly hours of the morning. I have been fortunate that so far no one in my family has been affected by cancer and I’d like to keep it that way if possible” said James

Relay For Life Horsham would love to hear from anyone seeking more information on how to participate in either a team or as a volunteer and also any survivors who would like to be part of the event as a VIP guest. For more information please e-mail Team Recruiters Jess or Helen at Follow Relay For Life Horsham’s progress on twitter @RelayHorsham or like us on Facebook at Relay For Life, Horsham.

Report and pictures contributed by Cancer Research UK.