Twitter reacts to ‘damp squib’ eclipse in Horsham district

Solar-Eclipse by Dusko Novakovic ENGNNL00120120124174615
Solar-Eclipse by Dusko Novakovic ENGNNL00120120124174615

Britain was plunged into darkness due to the solar eclipse this morning (Friday March 20) - but some Horsham district residents were disappointed.

Heavy cloud cover in the district has made catching a glimpse of the historic occasion almost impossible.

The solar eclipse is barely visible in most parts of Sussex.

Twitter users took to social media to show their frustration.

Peter Underwood @Peter_Underwood wrote: “Sure it was exciting for some, but #SolarEclipse was a complete #DampSquib here in #Billingshurst due to 100% cloud cover! Shame!”

J. Guy Davidson @hatcat01 tweeted: “It’s like a late afternoon in winter in Horsham. Cloud cover. Bah. #eclipse”

Elizabeth Edwads @lizaledwards said: “I’m staring sadly at clouds in Horsham :(“

Ian Hunter @IanBHunter wrote: “The eclipse makes the dark grey skies over Horsham darker and even greyer #eclipse #StargazingLive #NoNeedForGlasses”

Emma Bortnik @emmabortnik said: “Well that was disappointing. It was overcast and didn’t even go dark in Horsham :( #eclipse2015”

Ann Grain @JAGpr added: “No #eclipse2015 in @Horsham Too much cloud. Need to wait until 2026!!”

And the Anchor Hotel @AnchorHorsham tweeted: “#SolarEclipse we have totality already here in Horsham. The sun is totally obscured by a sky shaped cloud.”