Trouble ahead if charity ambulance cannot be fixed

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FIVE Horsham friends who are taking part in the Mongol rally have broken down, again.

Ashley Dale, 21, Alex Garrow, 20, Luke Gowers, 21, and Max Stocker, 21, all from Horsham, and Chris Pearce, 20, from Billingshurst, are taking part in the Mongol Rally in an ambulance.

The County Times reported on July 14 about how a test drive on a dual carriageway ended in disaster when the ambulance broke down. However, money given to them by Horsham independent Estate Agent Brock Taylor lead to the problem being fixed.

The five set off on Saturday July 23 from Goodwood to drive across a third of the Earth’s surface to Mongolia, all in aid of the Christina Nobel Children’s Foundation. Along side donating the ambulance to the Ger village, they are trying to raise in excess of £2,000.

They made a flying start to Dover, and in the first day made it across the water and to Belgium for the night.

However, Max’s girlfriend Emma Bailey, 19, from Horsham, said: “Some frantic phone calls on Sunday told us they were having some problems with their gearbox all day in Germany, which eventually stopped working.

“Another team, Half Way Round, stuck with them for the night and dropped them off in the nearest town in Bavaria Monday morning.”

A trip to a Renault garage revealed that the ambulance needs a new gearbox costing £2500. She said: “The boys are keeping their spirits high and are not prepared to give up just yet.”

Time is ticking on, however, as the boys have to get to Mongolia in just five weeks.

To donate money so they can get it fixed visit their website and click the link to their Paypal page.