Trio offering to do odd jobs to raise funds for life-changing trips

Three Amberteers  L to R Dwayne Ryton, Stuart Joce and Danny Ireland. Photo by Derek Martin
Three Amberteers L to R Dwayne Ryton, Stuart Joce and Danny Ireland. Photo by Derek Martin

THREE residents of the Ockley based charity Amber are willing to do painting, gardening, dog walking and other odd jobs to help them raise £1,400 each for a once-in-a-lifetime trip abroad.

The Amber Foundation helps young unemployed and homeless people get their lives back on track by helping them focus on their ambitions.

Stuart Joce, 22, Danny Ireland, 21 and Dwayne Ryton, 23, have been staying at the charity’s residential centre near Horsham since last autumn and they are all planning life-changing trips building schools and water systems in poorer countries.

Dwayne and Stuart are going to Borneo in June and they are still trying to get to their targets.

They are asking people to donate equipment or pay them for gardening and cleaning jobs to help their achieve their dreams.

Dwayne said: “We are going to be doing school building, some animal conservation and building watering systems so they can have clean water in the jungle for generations to come.

“That’s between us trekking for 10 weeks.

“We have all thought of it as a life changing experience. It’s what I need to make this change.

“I’m a little scared I can get through this, but what’s there to stop me?

“I had issues with drugs and relationships broke down, I distanced myself from anybody and I reached the point where I thought this is enough and I decided to come to Amber.”

Stuart said: “I came to Amber because I had bad drinking and drug problems and I wanted to get myself sorted out.

“The plan for this trip is to learn about myself and to find out what I want to do in life.”

Danny, who is off to Costa Rica either in the autumn or early next year, added: “I want to give something back to people who haven’t got anything.

“I’ll be helping gravity-fed water systems and with community youth work.

“There’s also marine conservation as well, working through the night counting turtle eggs. I’m really looking forward to it.”

They are all willing to do little jobs to help them raise each for the cost of the trip, including all their equipment.

People can also donate items required for the expedition which are 80 litre rucksacks, day sacks, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, woollen walking socks, size nine walking boots, water bottle and medical kits.

For more information about donating items or offers of work call Rachel Bartlett community fundraiser at the Amber Foundation on 01306 627924 or email