Travelling through India in a tuk tuk

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This summer three friends are venturing across India in a native three wheeler to raise money for children in poverty.

Brother and sister Jamie, 20, and Charity Knight, 24, from Ashurst, will be driving 3,700 kilometres across India in an auto rickshaw - the famous Asian ‘cabin cycle’,

The Honeybridge Lane residents will set off to India next Tuesday (August 14) where they will begin their journey across the dust baked plains from Guwahati to Jaisalmer, with their friend Olivia Bartleet, 24, from London.

Charity, who works in communications in London, said they are excited but nervous about the 12 day venture which they are taking on for ‘Heal’, a charity which provides shelter and care for poor children in India.

She said: “We will be left to our own devices, with no one to help if our auto rickshaw breaks down, or if we get stuck in a monsoon.

“We will be crossing through deserts and the foothills of the Himalaya’s across marshlands and through cities, where we will fear for out lives as we dodge cows, people and buses.

“The trip will be an experiment in survival, with days spent in the deserts, and petrol stations few and far between . Our auto rickshaw only travels an average of 30 mph, so if injury strikes, we are in trouble.”

The team have no car mechanic experience and no knowledge of the native language.

The trio are hoping to visit one of Heal’s projects so that we can see how we are helping, and where exactly your money goes.

“We are raising money for a charity close to our hearts. The chosen charity is Heal, which helps relieve children of poverty stricken situations, educating them so that they never have to be in the same situation again.”

To donate toward the cause visit the just giving page at