Travellers leave Storrington Recreation Ground

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Police were called to Storrington Recreation Ground after a number of caravans arrived on Monday morning (August 21).

A police spokesman said: “About four caravans were reported at 2.45pm, Monday (August 21), to have arrived at the Storrington leisure centre car park during the morning.

“It is understood the site is owned by the parish council.

“Police are aware and will monitor the situation.”

Storrington Parish Council said the travellers arrived at the Recreation Ground to ‘feed their children and let them play in the playground’.

A spokesman added: “They have now left.”

Storrington Football Club, who play their home games at the Recreation Ground, in Pulborough Road, Storrington, confirmed the arrival of the travellers.

On Twitter, the club said: “Travellers turned up at Storrington Recreation ground today. Let’s hope they don’t hang around.”

The travellers were reported to have left the Recreation Ground at about 5pm on Monday.