Gatwick campaign groups raises concerns over ‘nightmare’ sky motorways which Government says offer ‘clear benefit’

A Gatwick Airport campaign group has raised ‘major concerns’ about so-called ‘motorways in the sky’.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 4:33 pm

Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions (CAGNE) said the £5.5m Government investment, designed to reducing journey times, pollution and delays, will benefit passengers but spark a ‘nightmare’ for residents around the airport.

A spokesman said: “Not all communities are consulted by the airports over these policy decisions or the modernisation of airspace.

“Gatwick Airport, for example, has only engaged with a narrow forum of residents not allowing all communities a fair or balanced voice in the debate to date.

Gatwick Airport. Pic Steve Robards SR2103061 SUS-210603-113912001

“Will Gatwick now seek to fly over new areas as they did in 2014 to reduce time in the air and resilience?

“The government is no different in formalising policy that benefits aviation that has already received millions in bailouts and pays no VAT or duty.”

But Gatwick said the modernisation plans, for corridors first designed in the 1950s, are ‘urgently needed.

A spokesman added: “As the number of flights have increased the airspace has become congested and inefficient.

“Gatwick and all other major UK airports are taking part in the Government-led programme to modernise and redesign UK airspace, which aims to help make journeys quicker, quieter and cleaner by increasing airspace capacity, reducing flight delays and environmental impacts, particularly around CO2 and noise. “

He said the plans give a ‘clear benefit’ for air passengers as well as those on the ground.

A Department for Transport spokesman added: “Modernising the way our skies are used will be vital in helping everyone benefit from quicker and quieter journeys in the future, that will crucially also have less impact on the environment.”