Cat that had to have leg amputated given a second chance

A cat that was badly injured in a road traffic accident has been given a second chance in life after having her leg amputated.

Monday, 19th August 2013, 3:37 pm
Bella had her back leg amputated after a road traffic accident

The Horsham Branch of Cats Protection (CP) had an urgent phone call for help from Farthings Veterinary Surgery on the morning of Saturday, August 10, about the two-year-old cat, called Bella, who was found by staff at the Horsham Homebase store lying injured in their car park.

Staff immediately got her transported to Farthings using one of their new cat baskets.

Margaret Barton, on of CP’s volunteers, said: “Farthings contacted the CP Horsham Branch after talking to the owner who unfortunately didn’t have insurance for the cat and was also unable to fund the cost of the operation, which was in the region of £500. The owners consequently signed Bella over to Farthings.

“As Bella is such a young, otherwise healthy cat, the choice of putting her to sleep was therefore not an option; both the Branch and the Veterinary team felt strongly that she should be given a chance - cats can easily adapt to life with three legs.”

Bella had her operation to amputate her back leg on Wednesday, August 14, which involved the amputation of her left rear leg and it went well. She is making good progress and is now recuperating on cage rest at the home of one of the fosterers.

CP veterinary surgeon, Karen Robinson, said: “Bella had a serious de-gloving fracture/dislocation of her tarsus (ankle.)

“Despite first aid and pain relief this was crippling for her. Following amputation her true sweet and affectionate nature has returned.”

CP say their plea for help has gone really well with just over £400 being donated so far.

Margaret added: “People have been so generous and it has helped the funds of the Branch very much as we depend on donations, being virtually self-funding.”

Bella is eating well and is allowed out of her cage for walks around the room to help strengthen her muscles.

Bella loves using the scratching post which is not an obstacle for her, and had also managed to get up onto the windowsill where she looks happily out the window.

The fosterer advises that she is a very loving, very affectionate little girl.

Bella is due to have her stitches removed next week and when she has recovered completely the branch will rehome her.

To donate, cheques can be made to payable to Cats Protection Horsham & District Branch and sent to Cats Protection, PO Box 466, Horsham. RH12 1XN

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