Broadbridge Heath bypass works leave woman ‘anxious’ to drive

Months of traffic chaos at Broadbridge Heath have left one woman feeling worried at the prospect of driving her car.

Friday, 19th July 2019, 3:52 pm

The area is ‘waiting for a really serious accident’ according to Lou Campbell of Shelley Drive.

She said: “[The work] makes me feel terrible. It’s upsetting really that they have done it.

“[I’m] anxious now. I have never felt like that before. You’re putting your life in your hands.

The Broadbridge Heath bypass has been closed causing traffic chaos SUS-190514-095307001

“They should have stopped it. I’m getting a bit more worried about driving out onto the Fishers Roundabout.”

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Broadbridge Heath bypass works: All you need to know

Lou added that the works were ‘noisy’ and caused her delays in getting to and from healthcare in Billingshurst.

She said: “It took me forty minutes to get there the other day. [Normally] it would only take me ten.

“The other day I got stuck on the A24 coming back from that [appointment] for forty minutes again. The whole thing is ridiculous.

“You can’t go about your normal business as before and that’s our human right to do that.

“None of us are really happy about it and nobody is taking any notice.

“We need things to be totally stopped and re-evaluated as it should have been in the first place.

“The whole thing should have been scrapped.”

Lou said she was fortunate to not have to go out at peak times.

She added: “I will drive out but I would rather not.

“It makes you feel trapped in your own home. What do we do?

“Nobody’s listening, nobody listens to what we want.”