A272 resurfacing leaves couple plagued by ‘small explosions’ when lorries hit rain gullies

A couple who live close to the A272 say they have been plagued by ‘small explosions’ every time lorries drive down the newly resurfaced road.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 2:56 pm

Peter Bailey, who lives in Cowfold with his wife, said after the work was carried out in February the rain gullies were left recessed causing them to make loud noises every time a heavy vehicle hits them.

And he added that the banging is keeping him and his wife up at night.

Peter said: “It’s literally like a small explosion.

Peter Bailey has said the noise of the gullies keeps him and his wife up at night.

“It makes a hell of a noise it’s causing my wife and I to lose sleep and it’s really affecting our health.”

He added that he has spoken to West Sussex County Council – who are responsible for the county’s highways – but they have told him it could take months to fix the road.

And Peter fears the repeated vibrations – which start around 4.30am and continue throughout the day – could be damaging his house.

He said: “The situation is causing my wife and I personal distress and I dread to think of the effect it is having on the structure of our property.

Peter Bailey has said the noise of the gullies keeps him and his wife up at night.

“It wakes us up in the early hours – interrupting our sleep pattern.

“If people do the job properly in the first place it doesn’t have to be redone.”

He is calling for the council to take action and get the road sorted as soon as possible.

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We appreciate the residents’ concerns and a Highway Engineer has investigated.

“Road gullies have to be recessed for surface water to drain but, in this case, two gullies need to be raised.

“Work has been scheduled and will be done as soon as possible. This should be on the evening of May 5, subject to factors such as extreme weather.”