VIDEO: Early morning A24 problems cleared

The early morning problems that caused travel disruption on the A24 have been cleared.

The A24 was closed between Findon and Washington after reports of a three car collision.

This car was spotted off the road between Washington and Ashington this morning (February 27)

This car was spotted off the road between Washington and Ashington this morning (February 27)

A car also span off the road between Washington and Ashington.

Several other damaged vehicles were seen stranded on the verge or central reservation, as motorists battled with the slippery conditions in morning rush hour.

Traffic queued on the approach to the Buck Barn junction, as determined motorists continued their journeys.

Drone footage of the Washington roundabout appears to show traffic back to normal at the Washington roundabout.

However, Sussex Police have urged drivers to adapt their driving style to suit the dangerous conditions.

Chief Inspector Warren Franklin said: “There has been a fair amount of snow, more is forecast and the temperature is hovering at or just below freezing, so you should expect the roads to be slippery in places, even where there has been gritting.

"Please consider if your journey is really necessary and if so, please adapt your driving to the conditions and allow much longer for your trip.

“In icy conditions it will take a lot longer to bring your vehicle to a stop. Allow greater stopping distances between you and the vehicle in front - at least 10 times the normal distance - and keep your speed appropriate to the conditions.

"Keep your driving smooth, avoid sudden turning, braking or acceleration. Areas under trees, in shadow and on bridges tend to remain colder for longer so beware that there may still be ice patches even if the rest of the road is clear.”