Traditional and colourful fayre

Horsham District Twinning Association
Horsham District Twinning Association

To celebrate Christmas and bring a little traditional fayre to Horsham, the Horsham District Twinning Association were offering traditional German Stollen, French Pain d’Epices and coffee to sample on their colourful market stall last weekend.

Partnered with Lage in Germany and St.-Maixent-l’Ecole in France, the Association, linked to Horsham District Council, wanted the local Horsham community to become more aware of their work promoting Horsham as a beautiful town to encourage tourism, trade and forster international partnerships.

The group members visit the twin towns every few years and the members of the twin towns pay a return visit the following year. They stay with host families or at a local, traditional hotel. Entertainment is provided by the host towns and there are plenty of opportunities to visit the local attractions and take part in excursions in the area. The Association provides for their Horsham members various social get-togethers during the year so that they get to know each other.

Gaby Lothian said: “Did it ever happen to you? You were asked, if you have been to France or Germany and you say ‘ Yes, I’ve been there on holiday. I know the countries ....’ But do you really know them? Have you ever been off the beaten tourist track? I promise, you will get an entirely different impression.”

Twinning is all about getting an insight into the culture of a country, developing and fostering relationships. This year we visited both Lage and St.-Maixent-l’Ecole. Both events were a great success and with just under 100 members there are many exciting trips planned for the future, but we are always looking for new members, especially amongst the younger generation. We also encourage visits of groups, clubs andschools.

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