Town’s conference delegates secure Labour housing policy changes

Horsham Labour party's Susannah Brady and Cameron McGillivray
Horsham Labour party's Susannah Brady and Cameron McGillivray

Horsham Labour Party delegates secured ‘historic’ changes to their party’s housing policy at the annual conference held in Brighton earlier this month.

As a response to the housing crisis the local constituency party sent a motion to the conference which sought to address the crisis in affordability and was built on members’ personal experiences and as a result of undertaking many local housing campaigns.

The housing motion which was unanimously agreed included the following commitments :-

• The building of 100,000 council and housing association homes each year delivering secure lifetime tenancies and genuinely affordable rents.

• The creation of a new housing department to tackle the housing crisis.

• To build only homes that met the highest safety , environmental and construction standards

• Ballots of tenants ahead of ongoing and future regeneration projects.

In his speech Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recognised the work by the Horsham Labour Party, reiterating large marts of the motion, and committing his party to introducing rent controls in the private sector and a land tax to combat landbanking by developers.

Susannah Brady, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Horsham in 2017, said, “The lack of affordable housing and the rising levels of homelessness in Horsham were big issues in the 2017 general election and I am convinced that the steps we took at our conference will have a dramatic impact on addressing the housing crisis we face across the country and here in Horsham.”

Cameron McGillivray, campaign manager for the Horsham Labour Party, added, “Our experiences in Horsham have shown only a fresh and radical approach to housing will deliver the homes young people need here in Horsham.

“I live at home in Broadbridge Heath and despite working long hours, have no chance of being able to afford one of the new homes currently being built on the new developments, just a stone’s throw away from where I live. It was great feeling making such an impact on Labour’s housing policy.

“We now plan to continue campaigning as Horsham’s opposition party to put us into a position so that we can elect councillors here in Horsham.

“Together, we can make such a huge different to so many people’s lives.”