Town prayer centre to open

Sue at C.H.O.P. Aug. 2012
Sue at C.H.O.P. Aug. 2012
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“Open a House of Prayer in Horsham to mend the broken hearts and spirits in our community, particularly of the young and homeless in Horsham.”

That was the message Sue Longridge, of St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, believes she received from God in June last year and, working with all the town’s churches, it has become a reality. This is her story.

“Last year I felt I wanted to go back to join Horsham Churches Together (HCT) and I went to the AGM. There I met a really nice lady called Kate Mansell who invited me for coffee. I explained I was going away to Wales and she offered to lend me a book called The Grace Outpouring. I first thought ‘not another book’ but I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down.”

The book is about a couple at a Christian retreat in Ffald-y-Brenin near where Sue was staying in Wales and so she went to visit. Sue said: “I was sitting at the foot of the cross along with two other women. It had been a wet, rainy day and as we prayed and the clouds parted and a ray of sunshine shined only on us. It was amazing. The next morning I was praying as normal when I felt God saying we should open a House of Prayer in the Y-Centre in Horsham.”

She had doubts, but while sharing her story with friends, she soon found they had had similar messages.

“This was no coincidence. This is God working in Horsham. There have been many boulders on this journey, but every time God has provided a solution,” Sue said.

At 9.30am on Saturday September 15 the Y-Centre Horsham House of Prayer will open to all, starting with prayer every Saturday morning. The churches have a long term aim for it to be open for 24/7 prayer.