Top European gym to launch in Horsham

My35 club opening in Horsham
My35 club opening in Horsham

An internationally successful weight loss and wellness programme will be launching its first UK gym in Horsham town centre next month.

my35 will be pioneering ‘the world’s most intelligent equipment’, when it opens in Piries Place on Saturday May 3.

Milon, a leader in fitness technology, promises to offer gym-goers an easy and fun way to lose weight.

The modern machines are designed to be 30 per cent more effective than other models in strengthening the body and increases metabolism for an extra 15 minutes.

The popular workouts last 35 minutes and exercisers have to complete six a month.

The centre, which has been completely re-fitted by local contractors, will be staffed by five expert advisors.

Co-founder Stuart Davis said: “If you’ve tried gyms before and not reached your goal, didn’t enjoy the experience, thought the equipment looked too complex or you just want a simple way to lose weight and regain your strength then the Milon Circuit offers the perfect solution which is safe, effective and time efficient.”

Stuart added he is particularly looking forward to opening in Horsham.

He said: “I grew up in Billingshurst so it made sense to open the first club in Horsham, it has a great community.”

my35 is offering a free month’s trial to West Sussex County Times readers. To find out more visit or call 0800 285 1450 to book your personal induction.