Tootle Teds marks 15th anniversary

Tootle Teds Music Club celebrates 15 years SUS-140519-162644001
Tootle Teds Music Club celebrates 15 years SUS-140519-162644001

Tootle Teds Music Club celebrated its 15th Anniversary on Sunday 11th May with a Reunion Tea Party at North Heath Hall.

Past members joined with current for party fun, games, crafts and lots of cake!

The youngest child present was 5 months and the eldest was 16 years.

Tootle Teds (formerly known as Jingle Jangles) was started by friends Miranda Mitchell and Alison Sutton in 1999 because they wanted a music class for their children Jessica, four, Francesca, one, Bethany, four, and Oliver, one, to go to and there wasn’t one in Horsham that catered for children of different ages.

Miranda and Alison were both primary school teachers and Alison is an accomplished musician so they decided to create their own.

They were very nervous and wondered if anyone would come to the first session, but seventeen children did and fifteen years later Tootle Teds is still at North Heath Hall.

Alison has now moved on to a role training teachers in music education but Miranda still runs Tootle Teds. She made a decision that she would not do too many sessions as she never wanted to lose the freshness and fun and Tootle Teds has kept her smiling through some very tough times. She said: “It is hard to be sad or worried when you have a host of tiny faces smiling at you’.”

Tootle Teds sessions are also held at Horsham Museum and Cranleigh and Miranda does children’s parties too.

Debbie, mum-of-three, Horsham said: “Tootle Teds has always been a big hit all round and entertains me as much as the kids! My 14 year old still even talks about it in a really good way. Miranda is enthusiastic, organised, warm and makes the classes really interactive. There is no time to get bored. She has done birthday parties for us too and all the kids enjoy the singing, dancing and the themes. There are not many classes you can just walk in and feel part of the crowd but Miranda does make you feel like that.”


Report and pictures contributed by Tootle Teds Music Club..