Tips to save money on oil this summer

HELP on getting the best deals for oil this summer has been provided up by West Sussex County Council Trading Standards Service.

Graeme MacPherson, Head of Trading Standards, said: “We have received many complaints about the prices being charged by oil distributors.

“But there is no legislation in force that controls fuel pricing – or indeed the pricing of any product.

“So, while prices might have drastically increased over the winter, this is not illegal.

“Providing oil distributors do not make incorrect or misleading price claims, they are free to charge what they like. That means it is up to consumers to get the best deal for themselves.

“However, with better weather on its way, now is the time to think ahead to get the best deal.”

West Sussex Trading Standards Service advises:

One: Shop around. “As with all purchases, it is well worth calling different companies and getting quotes before placing an order for oil,” said Graeme.

“Look at different company websites. Look at price comparison websites – but make sure are independent.”

Two: Consider buying more oil in the summer when prices may be lower during the warmer months.

Three: Start a community buying group that buys in bulk. “A number of villages already do this.”

Once consumers have got their oil, they are urged to check the security of their tank.

“Check for leaks. Consider an alarm. Try and hide the tank or make it difficult to get to,” said Graeme.