Tigers in Focus by Michael Vickers and Care for the Wild

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Tiger photographs by a world-renowned wildlife photographer are on display at a free Horsham exhibition running till the end of June.

The ‘Tiger in Focus’ exhibition by Michael Vickers, shortlisted for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013, is being held at wildlife protection charity Care for the Wild’s offices on Brighton Road.

The selection is taken from personal and emotional journey following tigers in India over the last ten years.

Mr Vickers said at Thursday’s opening event: “When I saw my first tiger I got so emotionally involved tears came down my cheek.

“So even though I go back to photograph them now I’m primarily interested in tiger conservation. “

He added: “As far as poaching and loss of habitat are concerned I would like to feel that future generations will still be able to see tigers in the wild.

“Care for the Wild - they are doing a lot of great work.”

Philip Mansbridge, Care for the Wild CEO, said: “Michael Vickers has a way of capturing the beauty, power and perhaps even the thoughts of the tigers he photographs.

“Care for the Wild has been working hard for years to help tigers, and continues to do so, and these pictures brilliantly justify everything we do.”

The international charity moved its offices to Horsham last year and now has around 40 local volunteers involved in animal rescue and administration.

On the move to Horsham Mr Mansbridge added: “It’s been great, it’s allowed us to hold events to engage with the local community and to have volunteers, which helps us and is good for their experience and references too.”

Christian Mitchell (Con, Holbrook West), vice chairman of Horsham District Council, said: “It was a real honour to meet with wildlife conservationist and photographer Michael Vickers and listen to him share his passion for tigers and his travels to India to search and photograph them in their natural environment.”

‘Tigers in Focus’ is open daily 10am - 4pm until June 28, at 72 Brighton Road.

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