Thrifty shoppers can win a £700 diamond

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A diamond worth £700 is available to be won for any users of a local promotions website set up just three months ago by a man from Horsham.

The newly created charitable promotions website for independent companies in Horsham, The Local Market Place, is entering every customer who redeems a promotion with a local independent business into a prize draw to win a quarter carat diamond courtesy of Dominic Sakakini of Sakakini Jewellers, the Carfax, Horsham.

Dominic has explained his reasons for donating a diamond to the brand new business created by Anthony Stonham, 33, a former IT consultant from Sycamore Avenue in Horsham.

“I have given it to Anthony to give the site a kick-start,” Dominic explained. “I think of it as the Horsham Groupon which I think is a nice idea.

“People of Horsham are being supported by their local traders and it would be nice if local people would support their local traders too.”

Anthony revealed this opportunity during the open event at his new shop in the Carfax on Tuesday (August 21) and was very proud to see many traders giving his venture support.

Anthony said: “This diamond is evidence that the traders really want this to work. The support has been enormous from the traders and about five new companies want to join each week!

“One of the pieces of feedback I have had is ‘what’s the catch?’ as it seems too good to be true, the promotions are free, you save money, traders profit, charities earn and you can win a diamond. However, my response is ‘I don’t know of any catch so if you can find one let me know’.

Other local traders at the event included Sharon Walker, of Sharon Walkers cakes in Southwater, who bought a stand of cup cakes and Syed Hussain from Darchini restaurant, London Road, who brought onion bhajis and samosas for all.

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