Three Horsham youth aim to help community following conference

Young people leaving for the London Youth Conference
Young people leaving for the London Youth Conference

Three young people from Horsham joined a group of 20 people from Sussex aged between 15 and 30 to attend the London Youth Conference.

Lindsay Oldham, Carmel Kanali and Maryam Vahdat travelled to the University of Warwick together on a minibus to attend the conference.

This was a three-day conference called by the leading institution of the Baha’i faith, the Universal House of Justice, to galvanise youth from all religions and walks of life to walk a path of service to mankind.

114 such conferences have been called worldwide and are taking place throughout the summer months, with locations ranging from the USA to Ethiopia.

Each conference will address the young people with the same discussion material: namely, the need for constructive change in society, to be brought about by making bigger and more whole-hearted efforts to serve the local community.

An example of how this would be done is the idea of setting up more local youth groups for younger teenagers, in which projects involving service to the community would be carried out, such as visits to residential care homes and fundraising projects.

Many plans have stemmed from the conference on a local level, with intentions to start youth groups and train a greater number of young people to take charge of such groups, thus developing in the local community an ever greater capacity for service.