Thought from Trafalgar Road Baptist Church

We are made “In the image of God,” the Bible tells us in Genesis 1. During a recent sabbatical, I reflected on what this means and was really challenged by Nancy Eiesland in her book ‘The Disabled God’.

She writes that the assumption her body in heaven would be ‘normal’ might not be true. Suddenly all my clever words about the image of God not being merely physical were thrust back at me. What of a body that isn’t shaped how I think it should be? During the Paralympics I’ve been inspired by the determination and joy on display and challenged by my inability to recognise the image of God in all people, just as they are.

Watching the table tennis final between Will Bayley and Jochem Wollmert I caught a glimpse of it. As Jochem consoled Will, the compassion of God in Christ shone through. I can’t help wondering how much we miss the image when the TV cameras aren’t on or worse, how we treat those who are also made in God’s image but don’t look like us.

Rev Brian White, Trafalgar Road Baptist Church