Thought from the Living Faith Assembly

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Signs are warnings to the wise ,but to the spectators it’s one of those things.

Many evil things happening around us today calls for closer observation rather than dismiss the handwriting on the wall. Child abduction, murder, manslaughter, arson and the likes are some of the wake up calls. For everyone of us who cares to know these are pointers to the end of time. What manner of people should we be? In East Wales, the entire neighbourhood came out in search of and are still searching hopefully to find April alive. To another group, the action would be to ignore what is happening. This piece is just to awaken everyone to the reality of the obvious truth that good news rarely come from the media any more. It is rather one tale of woe or the other. In all of this, we have a choice and that is reawakening the slumbering masses to arise and take the bull by the horn which is, unite in our differences to pray to God for mercy.

Pastor Joyce Nduka,

Redeemed Christian Church of God Living Faith Assembly