Thought from the Christian Life Centre, Horsham

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I listened to an interview recently with an athlete who had participated in the Paralympics. He spoke about the experience of being involved in the games. He said that he was very disappointed with his performance and how he felt the years of training, he had given to his sport, now seemed a waste.

What was a surprise to me was to hear he hadn’t lost or come last but in fact had won a silver medal. For him the difficulty was not realising his dream of a gold medal. He said that the difference between winning and losing can often be down to the smallest of margins. He said that he was now replaying the event over and over in his mind and that he had regrets. Regrets in life can so easily take away our peace and joy. God doesn’t want or intend anyone to live like that.

Philippians 3:13 encourages us not to look back at the dis-appointments of life but with God’s help to move on and celebrate our achievements.

Steve Fishpool

Christian Life Centre