Thought from St Mary’s, Horsham

So, the Jubilee celebrations are pretty much over, the Olympics and the Paralympics all finished and here we are moving into winter.

Well, that’s an upbeat start to an article, isn’t it? But hey! It’s nearly Christmas…

Actually, I quite like this time of year - the children are back at school (technically, but my daughter is off sick!) and I can get on with all the things left hanging over the summer - back to acting out the great bit in the Bible about running the race for Jesus.

At the Paralympics I saw some amazing running with partially sighted runners being accompanied by their guides. Sometimes it is hard to see where we are going in life. It’s all very well saying ‘run the race’ but if we can’t see the finishing post we’ll end up going off track.

That’s where the guide comes in… Jesus can show us the way to the ultimate prize – a place with God in heaven, but the big question is ‘will you let him guide you?’

Rev Natalie Loveless

St Mary’s CofE Church Horsham