Thought from St Mary’s Church, Horsham

Given the ‘cash for honours’ scandals, and a list of familiar names, it is easy to assume that the New Year’s honours list is simply made up of the ‘right sort’ of people: wealthy, powerful & well connected.

Following an Olympic year, we might well feel that our Olympians deserve honouring for their years of hard work and commitment. But if you look down the full list of honours, most of which won’t make the headlines, there are more local and less familiar names. These are people who have equally been honoured for their hard work and commitment, for their service both locally to our communities and globally to those in need. We need larger than life Olympic heroes to inspire our next generation of athletes, but I am even more encouraged by the simple heroism of everyday people who are making a difference and showing us what it looks like to really ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’.

Rev Peter Francis

St Mary’s Church,

The Causeway, Horsham