Thought from St Leonard’s Church, Horsham

I was moved by an interview recently with Wilko Johnson, former Dr Feelgood guitarist, who spoke with refreshing candour about his ‘sense of elation’ after being told he had terminal pancreatic cancer just before Christmas.

He described how he felt as he walked outside and looked at the world around him. ‘I felt so alive!’ he exclaimed. It was an unusually moving interview and even the presenters were touched by his authenticity. He surprised himself at how he responded explaining he was normally quite a ‘miserable’ person. He had been forced to live ‘in the now’ and was transformed as a result, thankful for his life and the world around him. As we enter into the season of Lent in the Christian calendar, we all have the opportunity to learn from Wilko’s experience. Accepting our own mortality we can try to live in the here and now, thankful for everything. Jesus said, ‘Worrying about tomorrow will add nothing to your life.’ Wilko seems to have understood what he meant.

Revd Hadge Hughes

St Leonard’s, Horsham