Thought from St John’s Broadbridge Heath

Anyone who has been on a long journey with a child knows, those who’ve expected an important letter know and anyone who has kept vigil beside a hospital bed knows.

They all know that waiting is not comfortable. Some reading this will be awaiting news that will dramatically impact their future. But there’s nothing quite like waiting for the arrival of a baby. Conception is the promise and birth the fulfilment, but in between are months of planning, uncertainty and some discomfort. Advent, meaning ‘coming’, represents a time of waiting with faith and trust. Between the promise of Jesus and His birth were thousands of years. Believers passed on the promise and expected fulfilment through generations. It was complicated; but the confident hope never faded. Could it be, that through our difficult circumstances, we can learn to trust God’s message of hope, peace and forgiveness in Jesus? The coming of Jesus could dramatically impact your future.

Paddy Beresford St John’s, Broadbridge Heath