Thought from Life Community Baptist Church


Andy Murray’s display of emotions after his defeat at Wimbledon last Sunday melted the hearts of many.

There are times and places when it is good to express and show how we really feel and for him I think that was one of them. I remember a 60s song Behind a Painted Smile by the Isley Brothers. The words go, ‘Whenever you’re near I hide my tears, behind a painted smile’.

Many of us pretend everything is alright when we’re really breaking up inside. Bottling things up and never letting out is not healthy, as many counsellors will tell you. Everyone needs help at times and someone to whom they can express their feelings.

In Horsham there are agencies to turn to for specific help whether it be the dilemma of a surprise pregnancy or struggles with debt or addictions. In the church there are people willing to listen and care. Of course the One who knows most how you feel is God.

He’s there for you 24/7 and knows exactly what’s behind that smile.

Rev Julie Shimizu, Life Community Baptist Church