Thought from Horsham Team Ministry

I must begin by saying ‘Happy Christmas!’ But please, if you wouldn’t mind, don’t say ‘this must be your busy time of year, isn’t it?’

I am busy, of course, but busy doesn’t have to mean stressful – unless you’re asked every ten minutes ‘is this your busy time?’! Getting ready for Christmas is often chaotic. Like me, you’re probably glad when the preparation is over and the time comes. Now you can get on and enjoy eating and drinking, finding a way to be polite to your great aunt, and trying to locate that little screwdriver that came in a cracker to replace the batteries in your child’s most irritating new electronic toy. So, what do clergy do when ‘their busy time’ is over? Well, we carry on celebrating! Every Sunday in our churches we all remember Christmas and Easter and continue giving thanks to God for the gift of Jesus. Do you remember that slogan ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’? So is Christ... not just for Christmas. Join us sometime!

Rev Natalie Loveless

Horsham Team Ministry