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Brighton Road Baptist Church
Brighton Road Baptist Church

Should children be taught the Lord’s Prayer at school? Jersey politician Constable Gallichan thinks so because she is disappointed so few children could recite the prayer.

It takes me back to the time when, as a boy, I told my older sister I knew the Lord’s Prayer off by heart. Expecting her to be pleased,

I was a bit put out when she said she wasn’t sure it was a good thing because knowing the words meant I could say it without meaning it. She had a point. Ironically Jesus introduced the Lord’s Prayer to his disciples because he did not want them parroting prayers.

The Gospels have two versions of the Lord’s Prayer, which could indicate Jesus taught it as an example to follow and adapt. Here is a modern version:

‘Father, help us to honour your name, Come and set up your kingdom, Give us each day the food we need, Forgive our sins, as we forgive every-one who has done wrong to us and keep us from being tempted.’

Tim Carter, Brighton Road Baptist Church