Thought by London Road Methodist Church

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Some of my congregation are taking part in ‘Movember’. They are spending the month growing a moustache to raise money for charity.

My one attempt to grow a moustache, when I was a student, was an abject failure. As Jesus said in another context, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Jesus is usually pictured with a beard and moustache. Fortunately the challenge to be like Christ doesn’t include growing one’s own facial hair. When Jesus calls us to follow him, it is to become like him in character – loving, caring, ready to serve others.

Even that is a tough thing to do. Our intentions are often better than our achievements. We try to live up to his standards and fail.

But the good news is that Jesus loves us anyway, and at least gives us credit for having the right attitude. The flesh may indeed be weak, but hopefully our spirit is willing to make the attempt to become like Christ.

Rev Paul Cockburn,

London Road Methodist Church, Horsham