The other evening, whilst sitting watching a DVD with my son and his fiancé, we were suddenly plunged into darkness as all the power went off.

There was a momentary hush as we took in the shock and then a lament, “What do we do now?” It made me think about how much we rely on something we take for granted; no electricity means no light, no TV, no internet, no kettle to make coffee. In all of our lives, stuff sometimes lets us down and takes us into a dark place where we don’t know what to do. Fortunately there is something which is totally reliable and will never fail. The love and care of Jesus Christ is guaranteed and He invites you to share in that love so that even when everything else fails, you can know you are not alone. He’s known as the Light of the World because, even in the darkest of times, He can bring comfort and hope.

Doug Fletcher, manager

Horsham Christian Centre

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