It is week three in the advent countdown to Christmas.

The preparations are really ramping up now. Presents being wrapped, turkey’s ordered or already in the freezer, decisions over who is providing the mince pies, brandy butter… taking place, decorations, lights, lots of effort.

I can’t help thinking that there is a danger of it turning into a repeat of an evening we had a couple of years ago. Our friends D&D (to protect the guilty) were coming to dinner and we had pulled out all the stops. When they were half an hour late I rang them, only to find we had our dates wrong. No guests of honour! With all the preparations for Christmas have we overlooked the key invitation?

Jesus invites us into a personal loving relationship with our Father in Heaven, its why he came. Have we invited him to his own celebrations? It’s only week three, there is still time and, “Where meek souls will receive him still the dear Christ enters in.”

Rev Brian White, Trafalgar Road Baptist Church