The young people in bloom

Storrington in Bloom SUS-140722-100847001
Storrington in Bloom SUS-140722-100847001

Part of the approach needed to achieve a sound entry into South East In Bloom is enabling and encouraging strong links between children and young people, their schools and groups, and the wider community.

In Storrington in 2014, the growing links between the local volunteers that make up Storrington In Bloom (SIB) , and the youth groups and 2 schools in the town have become increasingly evident.

Storrington 1st School has worked closely through its Reception Teacher Jude Randall with Jo Newington and David Wright of SIB, to develop four major contributions to a sense of wellbeing and integration into the community for the children:

l A large Bug hotel has been built and installed at the village pond, by parents and children making up “Bugs World”;

l Raised beds in Mill Square have been planted by the children of the school, with flowers and herbs grown by them in the school, and Waitrose store staff are regularly watering them;

l A giant painting of poppies to commemorate those who were lost in World War 1, and Mark Williams, the Manager of HSBC bank in Storrington kindly agreed to install this on his wall in Old Mill Drive (The Bank that said Yes!);

l SIB volunteers took a stall at the School Fete to SIB volunteers, for children to design and make forest badges, from birch, oak or cherry wood, this promoting SIB to families;

The continuing relationship with Rydon Community College, forged by SIB in 2013 through the Manley’s Hill Mural project, has blossomed this year, with:

l Special flower pots for herbs created by students using lace, for a Victorian theme, in pride of place on display for the judges;

l A handmade perspex wood and steel sculpture depicting poppies for 2014, also on display for the judges and to be moved to the 2-4 High Street window;

l Two delightful pictures, again of poppies, that have been commissioned by the Storrington Post Office for installation on the two metal panels on its front wall. Welcomed by Post Office staff, they really beautify the Post Office facade!

Finally, seven youth groups responded in a major way to the challenge to plant a wheelbarrow for the Storrington In Bloom effort!

Volunteers, parents and children, and traders all have warmed to the sense of community that working together across generations brings!

Report and pictures contributed by David Wright.