The worldwide family of faith

Mary Breeze enjoying coffee with Wonja Ingamells after a Sunday service
Mary Breeze enjoying coffee with Wonja Ingamells after a Sunday service
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Ever since my early teenage years, I have regularly attended church and have been involved in many kinds of activities and service, which I have enjoyed.

I was sent to Sunday School by my parents on the Sundays we did not go out as a family, even though they never attended church. I made friends there, joined in youth activities and started going to church services.

The youth leaders took an interest in us as individuals and were willing have fun with us as well as teach us important lessons for all aspects of life, not only spiritual life. It was then that I decided to become a committed Christian and I have never regretted it.

Being a committed Christian, and as such, a member of the worldwide church, has meant that wherever I have travelled, I have found a ‘family’ of Christian brothers and sisters, with whom I have been able to immediately relate.

Attending church gives one opportunities for worshipping our Creator, for learning more about Him from the Bible and for learning important lessons on how to live a balanced and useful life. I have been able to commit my whole life to God and to depend on Him day by day for guidance.

At every change in my life I have been conscious of God showing me the next step and experienced how He can give peace, encouragement and comfort, even when things are difficult. Besides being a worshipping, teaching and learning community, the church functioning as it should is also a caring community, where every member is accepted and valued. Everyone is encouraged to look out for each other, help and support one another as the need arises. No member should feel that they have no-one who cares for them.