The Horsham exorcism

Paranormal investigations
Paranormal investigations
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“It started with a phone call. The house was in Horsham town centre.”

Charles Walker and his team of paranormal investigators head to the home of a married couple who - after exhausting every plausible reason - had come to the conclusion that they were being haunted.

His troop of mediums and a psychic arrive with an armoury of ghost detecting gizmos from cameras to Ouija boards.

“The husband was disbelieving about it, but by the time we got there, they were both scared.”

After three years of rattling doors and flickering lights the couple ruled out the work of dodgy contractors. But it was a chilling presence in their bedroom which warranted the call for some pretty unorthodox measures to be used.

“They liked the area, but right from the start they just didn’t feel settled,” the 59-year-old continued. “They noticed that when they tidied the bed and returned it had been disturbed, like someone had been lying on the bed covers. They could feel something with them after they went to bed at night.”

Six investigators join the couple in their bedroom, following orders from the psychic who sensed ‘activity’.

“The medium identified the spirit as a male who was related to an incident that took place on the land before the property had been built. It related to a murder - a sudden death.”

Silence envelops the room as contact is made with the dead.

“We all just watch and listen, and the medium asks it to leave. Sometimes you will notice a sudden change in temperature, and that’s it.”

Charles claims the Horsham pair haven’t been disturbed since the exorcism two years ago.

It’s just one of countless Sussex properties he’s taken to in a bid to explain the unexplained.

The non-profit organisation will travel anywhere within a 60 mile radius of Worthing and Portsmouth - and a 24-hour hotline means it’s never too late to enquire about the spooky goings on in your home.

“We get calls saying, ‘so you’re the ghostbusters’, but generally we’re taken seriously,” said Charles, who unearthed his paranormal passion while attending a UFO group meeting in the late 60s.

Charles ‘ran for it’ after ‘several members suffered temporary paralyses and blindness’ when they ventured out into Chanctonbury Ring.

His beliefs have taken him across the country. Charles even found himself in Cornwall after a spirit - conjured from a seance at his Worthing home - spelled out the town of Tintagel and the name Catherine.

“We were told we would find something silver there,so we went to Tintagel, and were drawn to the cemetery where we found a gravestone with ‘Catherine’ on it, and below was a silver bangle, which I still have today.”

And his adventures continued, the scariest of which took place on a Crawley estate, where he says a knife levitated and flung itself across the room, narrowly missing Charles’ face and slamming into the door frame beside him. Sadly, there were no other eye witnesses.

But this sort of ghostly behaviour is rare, and bears no resemblance to how it’s perceived in the movies, he claims.

“What’s on TV is entertainment,” he said. “If they actually filmed what happens for real it wouldn’t be on TV for one moment - it just doesn’t happen.”

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