The Forest School staff member wins Employee of the Year

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Kim Saunders, who has been a valued member of the Sodexo staff team in the kitchens at The Forest School for the past seven years has won the prestigious ‘Sodexo Employee of the Year for Schools’ beating 120 colleagues to the top prize.

District Support Manager for Sodexo Education, Kim McIntyre said: “For the 5 years that I have been working with Kim she has always been a conscientious hard worker but has always felt she enjoyed ‘being an Indian…I would never be a chief’. However, she is now my supervisor!”

Kim went on to say: “Kim immediately and without any prompting imparts her wealth of knowledge from policies and procedure to the cooking of many different items on to new staff.

“She is so passionate about what she does and has so much knowledge that, when it comes to it, she has a wonderful gift of sharing that knowledge with others.”

“Kim became my supervisor as I felt she was already doing this role without realising it.

“After a nervous few weeks Kim has now found her feet and is flying, recently running the kitchen single-handed on two consecutive days.”

Kim added: “I am so proud of Kim and I think she is very deserving of this recognition – it is an outstanding achievement.”

Report contributed by Kim McIntyre, District Support Manager, Sodexo Education.