Thanks from Rotary Club for donations totalling £75k

The Rotary Club of Horsham is looking back on another successful year with record donations totalling more than £75,000 in the past 18 months.

The club is also sending thanks to its Christmas supporters who donated more than £5,000 enabling them to help about 50 needy individuals and families as well as making various donations including to the Horsham Night Shelter Project.

The donations the Rotary club receive predominantly goes towards helping local people and organisations, but also assisting international disasters and Rotary’s efforts to finalise the elimination of polio, and helping the BBC’s Children In Need.

Treasurer John Le Rossignol said: “We believe that this makes us probably the largest independent non-political and non–religious charity in the area.

“Much of this money was raised through our Elephantastic Project, created in conjunction with the wonderful Born Free Organisation and PMW Communications, with Brian Blessed and Virginia McKenna giving their time to lead the Elephant Auction.

“Much of our Giving since March 2011 has been connected with our ‘making a difference to Horsham’ scheme whereby we donate, generally, fairly small sums to local people where a little help will make a large difference to their lives.

“Over 350 requests have been fulfilled during the five years since its inception, with a total of over £70,000 having been donated.

“We work with various organisations such as CAB, social services, debt advisory services, Y-Centre and many others in this area and the main difference we can make is reacting very quickly with no bureaucracy or red tape to small requests which need urgent resolution.”

Set4Success, our subsidiary charity that supporting talented young sports people in the Horsham district, presented a further 22 awards at a ceremony at South Lodge Hotel.

The club’s partnership with Horsham District Council resulted in the eighth annual pancake races with ‘Mascot Races’ adding more entertainment; the annual Christmas charity market in the Carfax; fun shop competitions for youngsters including the ever popular Trick or Treat and Bunny Hunt. These events raised several thousand pounds for charities and the council also joined them in producing another ‘Pudsey & Pal’s Party’ in the Carfax which helped raise more than £5,000 for the charity.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Rotary organisation and how it helps the community in Horsham and abroad, visit, email us at or visit our Rotary Club of Horsham Facebook page.