Tesco Broadbridge Heath traffic chaos: Drivers warned to ‘take a sleeping bag’

Traffic news
Traffic news

Drivers heading to Tesco Broadbridge Heath have been warned to take a sleeping bag as anger mounts over delays.

Furious motorists took to the County Times Facebook page to express their frustration as delays of up to six hours are feared.

Jackie Prior said: “It is a major incident! Just think it’s just an ordinary Friday!

“Not even Christmas or a peak shopping day at Tesco...take a flask, sandwiches and a sleeping bag.”

Tracey Bruce Turner fumed: “I couldn’t believe they are doing more road works when the other part of the road is closed off! Absolutely ludicrous.”

Sacha Jeanes added: “We were caught up in it. A staff member handed us some water.

“Our frozen food was defrosted once we got home. Have never seen it so bad.”

Emma Skeates said: “It’s a disgrace. What a mess, and it could all have been thought through and done so differently.”

Heather Heaps added it took her 50 minutes to get out of the car park.

She added: “I was so stressed because I had a hospital appointment to go to.”

Beverley Smith told how it took her 90 minutes to get her car washed.

Alison McMullan said: “I got completely lost trying to get into BBH last week. Took me half an hour to do a 2 minute journey.”

Tesco and West Sussex County Council have been approached for comment.

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