Team work at Farlington

Farlington Apprentice Team Selcetion Day SUS-140324-163951001
Farlington Apprentice Team Selcetion Day SUS-140324-163951001

On Thursday 6th March 2014, Year 10 girls at Farlington School competed in the Farlington Apprentice Team Selection Day.”

The girls were split into pre-arranged teams and spent the morning completing a number of mental challenges.

These involved such tasks as identifying flags, creating an origami camel, solving matchstick puzzles, identifying TV programmes from cryptic clues, a series of weird and wonderful science challenges, building a miniature raft and devising then performing a Farlington rap! The teams scored points for each round and by lunchtime the scores were very close, so there was everything to play for.

The afternoon’s challenges took place in the Sports Hall with a variety of bench games to warm-up, this was followed by the chicken, fox and seed game that required both physical and mental ingenuity, not to mention great hilarity! Thereafter, the girls were faced with more tasks including a tug of war and negotiating “shark-infested waters” with the aid of some carpet tiles and some effective communication skills!

The key messages which ran throughout the day were listening, effective communication and teamwork, and the girls worked extremely well in their teams. Their competitive spirit was very evident, however, by the end of the afternoon the winning team had been decided. They were “Team Three” which comprised Julie-Ann Buxton, Charlotte Hourihan, Danni Lozzi, Sophia Page, Orla Ridpath and Emily Saunders.

The six finalists went on to compete for the title of Farlington Apprentice 2014 and a cash prize by undergoing a series of further challenges culminating in the final which was judged by Gary Shipton, Editorial Director, South of England, JP Editorial Board and Editor-in-Chief of Sussex Newspapers.

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