Talks explore the alternate route of apprenticeships

Robert Smith and Collyer's student Mae Kenealy SUS-151214-151609001
Robert Smith and Collyer's student Mae Kenealy SUS-151214-151609001

Over 50 Collyer’s students attended presentations outlining the post college world of apprenticeships.

Although the majority of Collyer’s students progress to university and higher education, a number of students are contemplating taking alternative progression routes or moving into the job market.

Lucy Hargreaves, from the ‘Progression Directorate’ at Collyer’s, said: “I’m delighted that so many students attended to hear about some exciting apprenticeship opportunities.

“The speakers were excellent and it was great that they could take time out from their busy schedules to help our students.”

Kat Aftyka spoke about her experience as an apprentice in the Diplomatic Service and how, through the breadth of experience and skills developed, she was able to establish a successful career within Visa Europe.

Julie Murphy (Work Based Learning Co-ordinator at Collyer’s) talked to the students about apprenticeships in general and gave an overview of what was on offer at Collyer’s.

Robert Smith, from Health Education for Kent, Surrey and Sussex, spoke about the range of apprenticeships available within the NHS, ranging from mechanical engineering within the Ambulance Crew to plumbing & heating and hospitality.

A-level student Mae Kenealy said: “I found the session very useful because it gave an insight into apprenticeships and where to find them.

“There are certainly more jobs and apprenticeship opportunities in different companies than you would think!”

Collyer’s Assistant Principal, Melanie Russell said: “Massive thanks to Kat, Julie and Robert, for introducing many of our students to the apprenticeship option after Collyer’s.

“We are also hugely grateful to Lucy Hargreaves and Ian McAlister from the college’s Progression Directorate, who also helped to make this event possible.”

Ian McAlister, who manages the Progression Directorate at Collyer’s, said “This is just one of many events we will be running about careers and training, as part of a very busy progression programme.

“At the end of the day, it was great to see so many students take an active role in planning their future!”

Report and picture contributed by Collyer’s.