Talk on learning to read

Learning to read talk at Farlington School SUS-140110-114221001
Learning to read talk at Farlington School SUS-140110-114221001

Last month Ruth Young, the Reception teacher at Farlington School and an author of children’s books, gave her annual talk to parents about the importance of learning to read.

Ruth has been teaching reading for over 30 years and has taught children from the age of three to read. At Farlington, the emphasis of learning to read is on fun, with singing songs, playing games to build confidence and getting excited about books.

Children are encouraged, right from the start of Reception, to listen to stories, look at pictures and talk about what they see and hear.

When they are ready to start formal reading, they develop all the skills they need, reading daily, individually with Ruth.

This way, every child is taught appropriately her learning style. Parents are encouraged to read at home with their children every evening to provide plenty of practice.

Ruth also teaches the parents how to get the most out of this reading time, to make the experience as rewarding as possible.

It is a partnership between home and school that Ruth emphasises. And that is the best way!

Report and picture contributed by Farlington School.