Take up bridge for a fun brain workout

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As we get older it’s not unusual to feel that our brain may not be quite what it was in our youth.

We are living longer, often happier lives but sometimes forgetting where we put the car keys (again) can cause us to worry about what our memory might be like in a few years’ time.

Perhaps, just as there is a need to keep our bodies fit and well, there is also a need to try to keep our brains stimulated and alert so we can continue to enjoy our active retirement years.

Playing bridge may help and various studies by different universities seem to support this. Heard the expression, ‘use it or lose it’, well Bridge can give the brain a good work out. It involves concentration, tactics and planning. It is also great fun and perhaps best of all it is a very social game and many friendships have been formed by those who have developed bridge partnerships.

Yes, there can be a lot to learn but beginners armed with just a few basics find the game enjoyable and stimulating. And Bridge is for all, all ages and all abilities. Our youngest member is currently taking their GCSEs, our oldest recently celebrated their 90th birthday.

More information about Horsham Bridge Club can be found at www.horshambridge.co.uk including details of training that is taking place. Adult education classes for beginners and improvers start in September.