Take home a piece of history this Christmas

JPCT 04-12-12 S12490227X Rupert Toovey. -photo by Steve cobb
JPCT 04-12-12 S12490227X Rupert Toovey. -photo by Steve cobb

World famous auction house Toovey’s has begun its Christmas auctions this week with a fascinating selection of antique toys and local art.

As the festive holiday approaches, the antique and fine art auctioneers in Spring Gardens, Washington expects a rush of bidders looking to buy unique and nostalgic presents.

Featuring an impressive range of toys from Victorian period dolls to model trains and Matchbox cars from the 1970s, there’s something for every generation.

Owner Rupert Toovey is seeing a resurgence of younger buyers in particular looking to adorn their homes with antiques.

“The market is recovering during this recession due to a younger generation of buyers.

“They can buy a chest of drawers that couldn’t be made for the same quality today - it’s great value and it will last forever.”

Mr Toovey explained that buying an antique for the wintry season is not just a great Christmas gift but also an important piece of history.

“They’re a generation that really want to know what it is they’re getting and its past.”

With estimates ranging from under £50 to over £1000, Mr Toovey reassures bidders that there is a great range of quality, affordable items.

“You can come here and buy an exquisite first period Worcester tea bowl 1740 for £30 or £40.”

Also selling an extensive range of fine art and sculptures from famous Sussex artists, you can take home a piece of history this Christmas.

“We’ve attracted a lot of the best artists in the world like Aristide Maillol, Walter Sickert and the Nash brothers.

“Plus, we are one of the very few auction houses that has a New Year’s sale on Friday, December 28.”

The Christmas auction runs this Thursday, December 6, 10am and 1pm, and Friday, December 7, 10am and 1.30pm.