Sussex Air Ambulance launches £5,000 prize draw

SUSSEX Air Ambulance has launched its Mid-Summer Draw with one lucky winner guaranteed to scoop the top prize of £5,000.

The draw will take place on June 21 with the runner-up receiving a second prize of £500.

The life-saving charity’s 2010 Christmas Draw achieved ticket sales of more than £150,000.

Each flying mission costs between £1,500 and £2,000 so the sum raised was enough to potentially save 100 lives.

Lottery team leader Katie Underdown said: “Our raffles are a major part of our annual fundraising plan which help to raise the £1.7million needed each year to keep the helicopter operational.

“Relying almost entirely on public donations, it is through the incredible generosity of our supporters, that we are able to continue to provide this essential service to everyone living, working and travelling through the county every day.”

Sussex Air Ambulance paramedic Natalie Brodrick helped launch the Mid-Summer Draw after she had to be airlifted by her own colleagues following a horse riding accident.

She said: “Anyone could find themselves in need of this essential service and it is a testament to the kindness and generosity of our supporters who help to fund the service, ensuring that it is still there for those who need it.”

Raffle tickets cost £1 each in books of ten and can be ordered by calling 01622 833802.